Newark Liberty International Airport is vibrating with enthusiasm after the completion of its huge $2.7 billion refurbishment.
Newark Liberty International Airport is vibrating with enthusiasm after the completion of its huge $2.7 billion refurbishment.

Newark Liberty Airport $2.7 Billion Renovation Earns Prestigious Award


Newark Liberty International Airport is buzzing with excitement following the completion of its extensive $2.7 billion renovation, which recently earned it a prestigious accolade.

Travelers are flocking to the revamped Terminal A, which has impressed many with its modern amenities and aesthetic appeal.

World’s Best New Airport Terminal Award:

Skytrax named Terminal A the World’s Best New Airport Terminal, marking a significant milestone in the airport’s rejuvenation.

The renovation of Terminal A represents the Port Authority’s largest-ever investment in New Jersey and the state’s largest design-build project, showcasing a commitment to excellence.

Passenger Experience Enhancements:

The new terminal boasts a range of enhancements, including a sensory room for individuals with autism, a children’s lending library, and an indoor playground, all of which enhance the passenger experience.

Travelers laud Terminal A’s transparency and ease of navigation, citing well-marked security lines and real-time wait time displays as key factors contributing to a positive experience.

Calm Atmosphere:

Flight attendants note passengers’ improved mood and demeanor at Terminal A and attribute it to the terminal’s design, amenities, and overall ambiance.

In addition to the World’s Best New Airport Terminal Award, Terminal A has also bestowed a prestigious five-star rating by Skytrax, reaffirming its excellence in facilities and customer service.

Government Recognition:

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy commends Terminal A’s achievements, highlighting its distinct Jersey aesthetic, top-notch amenities, and global recognition as a point of pride for the Garden State.

With Terminal A’s success, attention now turns to the redevelopment of Terminal B, which is part of the Port Authority’s broader plan to modernize New York City-area airports with a $30 billion investment.

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