The World Is A Better Place For These Amazing Individuals


The world is a better place for amazing individuals like those featured below. Insights into their mission, vision and superb talks that took the world by storm. We look at speakers from all over the globe positively impacting the lives of many!

John Tarantino

There are times in life when we feel trapped, alone, and hopeless. We are stuck in a bad place and don’t see a way out. These negative and overwhelming feelings can result from failed marriages, family issues, business setbacks, medical problems, self-doubt, bullying and many other things. This TEDX Talk, Redemption Stories, shows that there is always a way out, a way forward and the ability to move ahead from what may seem to be insurmountable obstacles in our paths.

Through the stories of two men, whose lives intersect in various ways, John Tarantino shows that there is hope and redemption, that they are very real things. And those very real things can change our lives for the better. They can not only transform ourselves, but our families, our workplaces, and our communities.

The message of Redemption Stories has resonated throughout the world, making it the #1 TEDx Global Talk in 2023, with now more than 21 million views. No matter who you are, where you live, what your background is, and what you otherwise may believe from a faith-based perspective, hope and redemption are real things that we can all experience. Believe.  Hope always finds a way. Always.

Guruji Shrii Arnav

There is a talk and then there is “The TALK” which is the Prophet of Hope talk by the mentor of mentors- Guruji Shrii Arnav, who in his moving and impactful-less than 10-minute talk transported us to the bed of the 17 year old, athletic, muscular boy, in a diaper, whimpering with fear.

And as we got transported from those visuals in Guruji’s moving baritone without the need for any video, image, or a slideshow-we touched a chord in the human inside us and resolved again to be First kind to ourselves and then extend the kindness to our fellow human beings. 

We express gratitude to the Grandmaster of circling the square and squaring in the circle who has faced abundant fears and still had the courage to give that talk in a diaper in honour of that boy.

How is that-for demolishing one’s own ego and besides citing solid scientific data & perhaps predicting the clear & present danger and upcoming challenges- The Prophet Inspired & Exhorted us to be the “Prophets of Hope” a noble but a lofty goal indeed- Bur we will try-The Guruji Shrii Arnav’ way.

Guruji Shrii Arnav currently is the mentor of Gemstoneuniverse. The world’s largest portal for natural untreated, astrological gemstones.


Meena Srinivasan

Meena Srinivasan is a contemplative leader, celebrated speaker, accomplished author, and visionary entrepreneur. She is an educator-activist at heart, consistently championing the fusion of Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, and Belonging. 

Meena was featured as one of 2022’s 10 Powerful Women of the Mindfulness Movement in Mindful Magazine and is the Executive Director of Transformative Educational Leadership (TEL)™️ an organization that supports educational leaders in building more compassionate and just schools. 

Meena is also an instructor of graduate level Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) courses at UC Berkeley and the CEO of Karuna Consulting, LLC, an organization that takes its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Karuna,’ signifying compassion. Karuna Consulting is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) driven by a profound mission: to foster a more compassionate world through Meena’s keynotes, professional learning, coaching, and consulting services. 

She is the author of Teach, Breathe, Learn and SEL Every Day. The latter was honoured as one of 2019’s Favourite Books for Educators by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley. Meena has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 25 years, is an ordained Zen Buddhist and serves on the Board of the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation. 

Learn more at

Emilio M. Justo, M.D

Emilio M. Justo, M.D.’s life is an inspiration. Born in Communist Cuba, he fled as a refugee with his parents to the United States, overcame poverty and discrimination, and achieved super success as both an ophthalmic and cosmetic surgeon, as well as being a two-time international TEDx speaker. Now he’s added author, master teacher, and visionary to his legacy. His Quantum Sustained Success Strategies will unlock your potential for your life’s greatest achievements. Dr. Justo’s teachings are proven, inspirational and lasting.

The journey toward the TEDx stage is one that began less than one year ago and is rooted in Dr. Justo’s own spirituality and yearning to leave a legacy for his family. As Dr. Justo states: “My family and spiritual faith inspire me to share my secrets of sustained success, happiness, abundance, and freedom. Success is not for the vital few; lack of privilege is not an obstacle. Through both of my TEDx talks, I unveil my success codes to inspire and guide the audience to achieve personal greatness, self-mastery, and abundance.” Although still practicing eye surgery full time, Dr. Justo has continued to evolve his life’s mission to inspire and motivate youth, young adults and even parents to personal and professional levels of unparalleled success.

Dr. Justo’s first talk at TEDxCherryCreekHS titled “Delayed Gratification: Your Superpower to Success” has garnered nearly 5 million views to date. His second talk at TEDxWesternU titled “Unleashing the Drive Within: The OBSESSION Advantage to Unprecedented Success” was just recently delivered with the video pending publication.

You may obtain more information about Emilio M. Justo, M.D. at 

Anitha Panicker

Join Anitha on the TEDx stage as she challenges traditional ideas of executive presence in her talk, “Executive Presence Isn’t What You Think.” Through compelling storytelling and insightful perspectives, Anitha breaks down stereotypes and empowers marginalized individuals to embrace their true selves. She champions a new paradigm of leadership—one that celebrates diversity and encourages individuals from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams. Anitha’s TEDx talk not only prompts listeners to redefine leadership by shedding societal norms but also calls on hiring authorities and leaders to recognize the unique qualities of future leaders who may be overlooked. With personal anecdotes and research findings, she highlights the significance of authenticity in leadership and the importance of diverse viewpoints.

Anitha’s TEDx talk ignites a crucial dialogue on authentic diversity and inclusion in leadership, prompting a re-evaluation of conventional norms and championing the ascent of underrepresented voices. More than just a presentation, it serves as a rallying cry for hiring authorities and leaders to champion individuals with diverse perspectives. Embark on this transformative journey with Anitha as she spearheads a movement toward a fresh breed of leaders who defy the norm and encourages underdogs to rise to prominence, transforming them into trailblazers.

Adam Szaronos 

In his talk, “Walls that Once Confined Innovation are Now Crumbling,” medical technology leader, Adam Szaronos, shares valuable insights to help entrepreneurs, or anyone with an idea, demystify the seemingly complex and often intimidating world of “innovation.”

Over the course of his career and in his current role as CEO of Trukera Medical, a global ophthalmic medical device company, Adam and his teams have worked on bringing ~50 new technologies and ideas to market. Drawing upon the learnings from numerous successes and failures, Adam’s experience is brought together into a simplified framework for innovation that can be applied to progressing any new idea forward.

Told through captivating storytelling with clear examples, this talk is designed to help individuals looking for guidance on where to take the first and next step at any point in the process. His talk will challenge you to think differently about the concept of innovation, overcome the “fear of the blank canvas” at onset, and keep your ideas evolving and iterating toward market impact.

Peter Philippe Weiss

Designing the mental, emotional and imaginative state of a human being with sound: As a designer, keynote speaker, artist and entrepreneur, Peter Philippe Weiss shows a vast insight into different fields of work with audio in a holistic approach.

In his TEDx talk he explores the hidden powers of SOUND and reveals surprising ways to work with this incredibly powerful, magic and transformative design dimension: While our eyes see the things that are designed outside of us, audio designs the inside of us. 

Peter Philippe Weiss lives a rare combination of being entrepreneur, designer, artist, and lecturer. With Corporate Sound AG, he founded the first sound branding agency worldwide. Parallel to this he realized sound art in public space, composed feature film scores and performed music and storytelling shows. He has been engaged as guest lecturer at different universities for decades. He’s a passioned fencer and deep into meditation. His curiosity for all these activities allows him a fresh view from different angles which enables him to realize fundamentally new approaches of innovation in his work.

Now he dedicates his time and expertise as co-founder of audio breeze, revolutionizing spatial design in B2B environments with never repeating and healthy 3D soundscapes.

Grant Van Ulbrich

“Change will never be as slow as it is today,” says Dr. Grant Van Ulbrich, Founder of SCARED SO WHAT Ltd. in London. As an active researcher, he continues working to transform how we manage change within organizations so that it can become inclusive and successful.   He is pioneering the transformation of personal and organizational change management in a way that has not been seen in nearly 100 years of organizational change leadership.  His new model called SCARED SO WHAT is the 1st bespoke model to focus on the needs and abilities of individuals who can accept change, reject change, and be stuck in situations of uncertainty and doubt.

“Often, I hear from leaders that their employees reject change. But then I ask how they teach them to manage it for themselves, they have no answer,” he says.  Dr. Grant is actively working with global organizations to change this process through his new SSW Certification program and the SSW App technology that allows organizations to have the ability to see and manage change through data insights.  

Dr Grant’s TEDx talk on the model and experience has received over 1 million views. Have a look today and contact him through

Grant Van Ulbrich is pioneering the transformation of personal and organizational change management in a unique way to be truly successful.  From serving in the US Navy to becoming homeless twice and nearly dying due to a skiing accident, and then surviving bankruptcy from medical bills; he is a master at embracing and championing change success. Since then, he’s the first to complete a master’s and doctorate in leading sales transformation. In Dr Grant’s global research and sales transformation practice, he has created the 1st bespoke personal change model called SCARED SO WHAT.

His main role is leading global sales transformation for Royal Caribbean International.  London based, Dr. Grant champions change and sales transformation through science and psychology of sales and change.  He has also formulated his own company called SCARED SO WHAT Ltd and together with his partners, they have created the SCARED SO WHAT app and account management system giving organizations the ability to see change management data that leads to inclusive change success.  Dr Grant’s TEDx Imperial College talk in London was in April of 2023.  His talk posted live in August of 2023 and has since received over 1 million views. Follow Dr. Grant at

Chris Gardner

In the bustling world of TED Talks, there’s a standout: Chris’s TED Talk, “The Myth of Scarcity.” With genuine authenticity and compelling storytelling, Chris doesn’t just talk; he crafts an immersive experience that tugs at our heartstrings.

As Chris strides onto the stage, he ditches flashy visuals for raw authenticity. With masterful storytelling, he paints a picture of kindness and empathy. Through personal anecdotes, he invites us into a world where generosity thrives.

In Chris’s tales, we journey to Peru, experiencing moments of lack and abundance. Through these stories, he shows us the transformative power of kindness, emphasizing that generosity goes beyond money.

Chris urges immediate action, imploring us to integrate kindness into our daily lives. He envisions a world where empathy prevails.

In essence, Chris’s TEDx Talk isn’t just a presentation; it’s a call to action for a more generous world. With captivating storytelling and unwavering convictions, Chris inspires us to join him in fostering a culture of generosity and compassion.

Dr. Kim Brown

Dr. Kim Brown is a renowned heart-centered NLP facilitator and world-class coach, recognized for her dedication to empowering conscious leaders. With a profound commitment to personal and professional growth, Kim’s transformative approach to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has earned her widespread acclaim. 

Drawing upon her extensive background in health science and coaching, Kim specializes in guiding individuals to unlock their full potential and become impactful leaders in their respective fields. Her unique blend of empathy, intuition, and expertise enables her to connect deeply with clients, fostering a supportive environment for growth and development. 

Through her coaching practice, Kim empowers clients to cultivate self-awareness, overcome limiting beliefs, and harness their innate strengths. Her holistic approach to leadership development emphasizes authenticity, mindfulness, and compassionate communication. 

As a passionate advocate for conscious leadership, Kim is dedicated to fostering positive change in organizations and communities worldwide. She believes in the power of individuals to create meaningful impact and strives to support them on their journey towards personal and professional fulfilment. 

With her unwavering commitment to empowering conscious leaders, Kim continues to inspire transformation and elevate the standard of leadership excellence across the globe. 

Sarah James

Sarah James is the Chief Editor at The USA Guardian, specializing in business and technology journalism. With a rich background in the field, she brings a keen insight into market trends and technological advancements. Her expertise, gained from years of experience in various esteemed publications, has been pivotal in enhancing the magazine's impact, particularly in the digital arena. Sarah's blend of academic knowledge and practical experience positions her as a leading voice in business and tech reporting.

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