President Joe Biden leaves the vice presidency in 2017, he will not face criminal prosecution for obtaining sensitive materials.
President Joe Biden leaves the vice presidency in 2017, he will not face criminal prosecution for obtaining sensitive materials.

Prosecutor Declines Charges Against President Joe Biden


Special Counsel Robert Hur announced Thursday that President Joe Biden will not face criminal charges for taking classified documents upon leaving the vice presidency in 2017. 

Following a 15-month investigation, the decision was based on Biden’s cooperation and perceived difficulty in securing a conviction.

Biden vehemently rejected suggestions of memory issues and wrongdoing. He refuted claims made in Hur’s report, particularly regarding his memory lapses and the accusation of intentionally withholding classified material. 

The president expressed anger and frustration during remarks at the White House, emphasizing the inaccuracy of the accusations against him.

Comparison with Trump:

The investigation concludes that Biden will not face legal consequences similar to those of his expected 2024 presidential rival, Donald Trump. Biden highlighted distinctions between himself and Trump, including the return of documents in his case compared to Trump’s alleged refusal to do so.

Critics, including allies of Trump, raised concerns about Biden’s age and fitness for office in light of the investigation’s findings. 

They questioned Biden’s memory and ability to serve effectively as president, citing apparent confusion during his remarks.

Memory Issues and Emotional Response:

Hur’s report noted memory lapses during Biden’s interview, including forgetting key dates and events. Biden grew emotional when discussing his son’s inclusion in the report, condemning the scrutiny of his family matters as unwarranted and intrusive.

Biden’s legal team criticized Hur’s handling of the investigation, accusing him of investigative excess and asserting that criminal charges were unwarranted from the outset. 

They disputed the portrayal of Biden’s memory lapses and questioned the inclusion of personal details in the report.

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