As Barron Trump enters college age, there is growing conjecture about his scholastic route.
As Barron Trump enters college age, there is growing conjecture about his scholastic route.

Barron Trump Contemplates College: NYU Emerges as Top Choice


As Barron Trump, the youngest son of Donald and Melania Trump, approaches college age, speculation mounts about his educational path. 

While the Trump family has a legacy at institutions like the Wharton School and connections to Slovenia, Barron appears to be charting his course.

NYU Tops Barron’s List:

Recent reports suggest that New York University (NYU) is Barron’s top choice for higher education. This surprising revelation positions Barron to return to his hometown and reside just a stone’s throw away from Trump Tower.

Departure from Family Tradition:

Barron’s potential decision to attend NYU marks a departure from the academic trajectories of his half-siblings, who have strong ties to their father’s alma mater and Ivy League institutions. This choice may raise eyebrows, especially considering Donald Trump’s admiration for Ivy League schools.

While Barron’s intended field of study remains undisclosed, his academic prowess and potential are evident. Donald Trump previously mentioned the possibility of Barron attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, citing his son’s exceptional qualities.

Trump Family Academic Background:

Donald Trump’s five children each have unique educational journeys. Donald Jr. and Ivanka attended the University of Pennsylvania, while Tiffany also pursued her bachelor’s degree there. 

Eric opted for Georgetown University, aligning with Tiffany’s later pursuit of a Doctor of Law degree from the same institution.

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