As Presidents Day approaches, many Americans anticipate a day off from work to honour the legacy of previous US presidents.
As Presidents Day approaches, many Americans anticipate a day off from work to honour the legacy of previous US presidents.

Navigating Presidents Day 2024: What’s Open and Closed


As Presidents Day approaches, many Americans anticipate a day off work to commemorate the legacies of past U.S. presidents. 

Here’s a breakdown of what Presidents Day is all about when it falls this year and what to predict in terms of closures and openings:

What is Presidents Day, and Why Do We Celebrate It?

Initially established in the 1800s to honor the birthday of George Washington, the first U.S. president, Presidents Day has evolved into a day of tribute to multiple presidents. 

1971, it was moved to the third Monday in February to create three-day weekends for workers. 

This holiday also acknowledges Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday falls close to Washington’s. Thus, Presidents Day serves as a celebration of the contributions of all U.S. presidents.

When is Presidents Day in 2024?

Presidents Day 2024 falls on Monday, February 19th.

What’s Open and Closed for Presidents Day 2024?


  • Banks: Most bank locations will be closed as it is a federal holiday. Exceptions include TD Bank stores, which will remain open.
  • Post Office: USPS offices will be closed during the federal holiday.
  • Schools: Most schools nationwide will be closed for the holiday, with some districts extending the break to include the preceding Friday.


  • UPS: UPS locations will be open, with pickup and delivery services available. UPS SurePost and UPS Mail Innovations may experience delays due to the USPS holiday.
  • The UPS Store: UPS Store locations will remain open for business.
  • Grocery Stores: Most grocery stores, such as Trader Joe’s and Costco, will operate regular hours. Check with local stores for specific hours.
  • Retailers and Restaurants: Many big-box stores and restaurants will be open for business, offering customers holiday sales and dining options.

While government offices and some institutions will be closed during Presidents Day, commercial establishments such as grocery stores, retailers, and restaurants are expected to maintain regular operations, providing ample opportunities for leisure and shopping activities on this federal holiday.

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