The Justice Department has discreetly replied to subpoenas filed by House Republicans on the criminal investigation against Hunter Biden.
The Justice Department has discreetly replied to subpoenas filed by House Republicans on the criminal investigation against Hunter Biden.

Justice Department Pushes Back Against House Republicans’ Subpoenas


The Justice Department has responded to subpoenas quietly issued by House Republicans regarding the Hunter Biden criminal investigation, marking a new development in the ongoing President Joe Biden impeachment inquiry. 

The department asserts that it has already taken significant steps to address claims of political interference in the investigation despite a lack of concrete evidence supporting such allegations.

Subpoenas and Response:

The subpoenas, sent last week as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Biden, targeted two attorneys in the Justice Department’s tax division and two officials, including U.S. 

Attorney for Washington, D.C., Matthew Graves, and former Delaware prosecutor Lesley Wolf. The Justice Department, in a letter obtained by The Associated Press, addressed these subpoenas and highlighted its efforts to address concerns of political interference.

Hunter Biden’s tax and business affairs have been investigated in Delaware since 2018. He faces gun and tax charges, having pleaded not guilty after the collapse of a plea deal. Republicans have raised questions about handling the investigation, alleging delays and mishandling.

Justice Department Testimony:

Six senior Justice Department officials have testified that there was no interference from President Biden or the White House in the investigation. 

Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte emphasized this point in the letter, noting the rarity of rank-and-file attorneys providing congressional testimony.

Hunter Biden recently testified behind closed doors as part of the ongoing probe. Despite extensive interviews and document reviews, Republicans have yet to produce direct evidence implicating President Biden in misconduct related to his son’s business dealings.

Challenges to Allegations:

An FBI informant who alleged a bribery scheme involving the Bidens is facing charges from federal prosecutors, who accuse him of fabricating the story. 

This undermines claims of corruption and influence peddling by Joe Biden, particularly during his tenure as vice president.

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