Melissa McCarthy handled Barbra Streisand's mistaken Instagram comment with grace and admiration.
Melissa McCarthy handled Barbra Streisand's mistaken Instagram comment with grace and admiration.

Melissa McCarthy Reacts to Barbra Streisand’s Instagram Comment


Melissa McCarthy handled Barbra Streisand’s Instagram comment blunder with grace and admiration. When questioned by TMZ photographers on April 30, McCarthy expressed her fondness for Streisand and emphasizing her admiration for the legendary singer.

Streisand’s Explanation and Apology: 

Barbra Streisand took to social media to address the misunderstanding, explaining that she intended to compliment McCarthy’s appearance but inadvertently sparked controversy. 

Streisand admitted to forgetting the public nature of her comment and expressed regret over the situation.

The Incident Unfolds: McCarthy’s Instagram Post: 

On April 29, McCarthy shared a photo of herself and director Adam Shankman attending an event in Los Angeles. Streisand’s comment about McCarthy’s use of Ozempic was posted beneath the image, prompting speculation and discussion.

Streisand’s query about Ozempic, a medication for diabetes and weight loss, was swiftly deleted from McCarthy’s Instagram post. However, celebrity gossip accounts captured and circulated the comment, sparking fan curiosity.

McCarthy and Streisand’s Past Encounters: 

McCarthy and Streisand share a history of collaboration and friendship. In 2016, they performed a duet together for Streisand’s album Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway. 

Despite the recent social media mishap, McCarthy has fond memories of their interactions, highlighting their shared experiences in the entertainment industry.

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