President Xi Jinping has expressed his country's willingness to assist Chinese enterprises investing in Angola's agriculture industry.

China Pledges Support for Angola’s Economic Diversification Efforts


Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that his country is committed to supporting Chinese firms investing in Angola’s agriculture and manufacturing sectors. 

This pledge comes as Angola seeks assistance diversifying its economy away from oil dependence, with President Joao Lourenco visiting Beijing to strengthen bilateral ties.

Key Points from the Meeting:

During President Lourenco’s visit, President Xi emphasized China’s willingness to collaborate with Angola on implementing key infrastructure projects. 

Additionally, Chinese companies are encouraged to cooperate in Angola’s agriculture and manufacturing sectors, aiming to modernize these industries and promote economic diversification.

Addressing Angola’s Economic Challenges:

Angola’s decision to leave OPEC and pursue agreements with China reflects its efforts to reduce reliance on oil revenues and implement structural reforms. 

With significant debt owed to Chinese creditors, Angola seeks financial support to transition from oil dependency. China’s investment protection agreement and tariff-free access to Angolan goods in its market signal a commitment to fostering economic development in Angola.

Upgrading Bilateral Ties:

In a significant development, China and Angola agreed to elevate their bilateral relationship to a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership. 

This upgrade will facilitate trade and investment between the two nations, fostering mutual economic growth and cooperation.

Chinese Investment in Angola:

China’s investment in Angola, primarily through the Belt and Road Initiative since 2014, has been substantial, focusing on the energy sector. 

However, efforts are now directed towards diversifying investments into agriculture and manufacturing. 

Angola’s abundant natural resources present opportunities for further economic development, with Chinese investment playing a crucial role in unlocking this potential.

Economic Outlook and IMF Assessment:

Despite Angola’s heavy dependence on the oil sector, efforts to diversify the economy face challenges. 

The IMF’s assessment underscores the need for structural reforms to mitigate risks associated with oil dependency and achieve sustainable growth. 

Collaborative efforts between Angola and China are essential in navigating these economic challenges and fostering long-term prosperity.

Jean Martin

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