AT&T has disclosed that the massive cellular and internet outage suffered by its customers across the US was an internal network issue.

AT&T Service Outage Blamed on Internal System Work, Not Cyberattack


AT&T discloses that the widespread cellular and internet outage experienced by its customers across the U.S. was due to internal network maintenance, not a cyberattack.

AT&T Statement on Outage Cause:

In a message on its website, AT&T clarifies that an incorrect process during network expansion led to the outage, emphasizing ongoing efforts to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Despite disruptions, AT&T announced the successful restoration of wireless service to all affected customers by late afternoon, apologizing for the inconvenience.

FBI Involvement and Response:

The FBI confirmed its communication with AT&T regarding the outage and pledged to investigate any potential malicious activity if discovered.

During the outage, customers experienced difficulties with calls, texts, and internet access, prompting concerns and frustration among affected users.

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The outage affected many customers, with over 32,000 reported outages initially and a peak of 75,000 by mid-morning.

Future Precautions and Transparency:

AT&T gradually restores service throughout the day, reaching three-quarters of its network by late morning and full restoration by early afternoon.

Customers seek detailed explanations and assurances from AT&T regarding the incident, along with plans for preventing similar outages and ensuring transparency in communication.

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